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  1. JimBob

    Metagame Tier Shift

    Audino is outrageously bulky in this game (143/126/126). It basically gets the defenses of Mega Audino, but you still have access to Leftovers and Regenerator. Plus you don't have those Poison and Steel weaknesses hanging around. Audino just hangs around, comes in whenever it wants, fires off a...
  2. JimBob

    March Madness

    haha, that's pretty cool. Enough to be in the top 1% after opening weekend, but they have probably fallen pretty far now. They got the entire Final Four wrong!
  3. JimBob

    The Smogon University "University" Thread

    Graduated last year from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. That was the educational side, but the best part of my college experience came from when I joined the student run radio station. I met a lot of my friends there, we had/still have good times.
  4. JimBob

    The Concert Thread

    damn, I was gonna see Judas Priest when they came to my hometown, but something came up and I ended up not being able to go. I went to some local show on the Friday, and the cops showed up and busted it. It was on some lot in downtown, and apparently one of the nearby bars complained. I was...
  5. JimBob

    Greatest (or your favourite) Video Game of all time!

    huh, okay, weird. I've looked for Tales of Symphonia (I have a Gamecube, looks like most of the other games are for different systems), but it's hard to find. I'll keep on my toes, though!
  6. JimBob

    Greatest (or your favourite) Video Game of all time!

    i think i might be misinterpreting your post... you like Tales more because it is an RPG, or you say both Wind Waker and Tales are RPGs and Tales is better? I haven't ever played Tales of Symphonia (I assume that's the game your talking about?), but I never though Wind Waker was an RPG..? Am I...
  7. JimBob

    Greatest (or your favourite) Video Game of all time!

    Pokemon Emerald - 3rd gen mechanics are the best. Honestly, I think this was a very formative game for me, mostly because when everyone else was doing whatever kids do in middle school and early high school (no, actually make that all of high school lol. and college), I was EV training new...
  8. JimBob

    Beer Thread

    When I want something lighter, I usually just go with a lager. Every time I've had a wheat beer (usually by accident, recently - when I get something I've never heard of), there just seems to be something in the taste that I can't stand. And all my friends/family seem to be the same way. I don't...
  9. JimBob

    Beer Thread

    Arrogant Bastard is probably my favorite beer. Dead Guy Ale is pretty amazing, too. I drink all sorts of stuff, really, and I'll swing for an IPA one day, a stout the following day, and a lager the next. I have been digging Heavy Seas stuff, they have 12-packs from their brewery in grocery...
  10. JimBob

    Media Metalheads Thread III

    I'm not sure if I'm late to the party, but Sulphur Aeon's debut album is some killer death metal. And it has possibly my favorite album art ever to boot.
  11. JimBob

    Why do you play video games?

    Video game are just a different form of media - I read books and comic books, video games can tell different stories, too. Due to their nature, they can tell different stories in different ways than would be able to be told via other media forms, including movies, television. A lot of times, the...
  12. JimBob

    Smogon's Official World Cup Discussion (Congrats to Glaucius on winning Pick'em!)

    lol that's what I've been doing the whole time old british guys are boring af
  13. JimBob

    Media Metalheads Thread III

    Deschain, did you catch Taake? I think we tend to like slightly different kinds of metal (I thought The Ruins of Beverast were ok, Necros Cristos was my favorite on Friday), but I thought Taake was awesome, and it sort of seemed to me like the kind of thing that you might like. Sorry I didn't...
  14. JimBob

    Media Metalheads Thread III

    Bongripper was so good at MDF. It's too bad their set was only 30 minutes long, they only had time to play two songs!
  15. JimBob

    What is your favorite element?

    Yeah, I'm a big fan of Osmium for being the heaviest metal around. Especially in the days of lots of things being made of plastic (or being hollow or whatever), we're used to eyeballing something's size and then subconsciously guessing at what it's going to weigh before we pick it up. I love...
  16. JimBob

    Game of Thrones [thronies rejoice! XD]

    it's true, we wanted to tell you for so long
  17. JimBob

    How do YOU study for a test/quiz?

    Yeah, I majored in engineering, so most of my studying was just doing lots of various types of practice problems. Word problems are key - they make you think about the concepts and apply them in different ways, instead of just memorizing formulas or steps required to solve a specific type of...